To collaborate in and strenghten organizative processes started by amazonian and orinoquian communities, and to develop social intervention programs aimed at improving living standards, strenghtening of local peace, cultural revitalization, solidarity economy and environmental preservation.

About us

Yauda Estudios Amazónicos was born in 2010 in Florencio Yaci’s maloka, a Murui elder from Puerto Refugio, Putumayo (Predio Putumayo Reservation). It was also founde some months later at the National University of Colombia, in the form of an Undergraduate Students’ Task Group. Our first initiative dealt with a local proposal to commemorate the centennial of the genocide of indigenous people perpetrated by the British-Peruvian Rubber Company in peruvian and colombian Amazonia.

Along the years, Yauda’s work has focused around two objectives: to foster studies related to Amazonia in academic circles, and to formulate community work projects in compliance with interests of indigenous populations we have worked with in Putumayo and Amazonas provinces. In order to achieve our first objective we founded the Young Researchers’ Group in Amazonian Studies, which has evolved into a learning and feedback scenario aimed at newcomers in Amazonian Studies.

In 2013 the Group decided to step forward and become a Non-Profit Organisation. During these years Yauda Foundation has strived to strenghten the Undergraduate Students’ Task Group, as well as to expand our intervention area to the Orinoquia region in Colombia. The Foundation has now two strategic divisions: the Research Division and the Community Intervention Division.


Most of our projects have been carried out by volunteers devoted to the well-being of amazonian and orinoquian communities.

The following video was recorded by members of Yauda Foundation, who joined Yauda as volunteer undergraduate students at first.

If you are interested in volunteering to be part of Yauda Foundation’s projects, please send us an email to yaudaunal@gmail.com, or to yauda_fchbog@unal.edu.co.


Testimonials from Volunteers

“My experience with Yauda has changed my life for good. So much, that I went back last year after for years to visit the community Refugio at the border between the Colombian department Putumayo and that of the Amazon again. In my mind, the voluntary work with Yauda has not been one of gaining ‘professional experience’, it has, above all, been one of making friendships. Friendships not only across cultures, but also across different backgrounds of experience, across different ways of accessing truth, of thinking life, of relating with people. It did not only quipped me for a range of questions, doubts and encounters there were to come, it still warms me from the inside.

Having closely worked together with students from the Universidad Nacional and a variety of people living in different communities across the Putumayo, I have learned that ‘cultural exchange’ is not just an empty phrase. It starts with learning to find the perfect angle to jump from some meters heath into the river, how to gut fishes that have been just fished, and how to distinguish the voices of the birds when one lies in the darkness.

This is more essential than it sounds. But then there is also the depth that lies in the art of constructing relationships, of articulating ideas together, of listening carefully to each other and to permit that what is said, lived, heard, changes you. When I am talking to one of the friends I made with Yauda, or to Vica, the political leader of the community, I enter a safe space, where my thoughts and feelings are carefully considered and put into perspectives, and where I can do so as well.

I studied Political Sciences and Philosophy, and I am now doing a Human Rights Master in London, and I can say that my experience with Yauda has informed my perspectives developed in university to an intangible extent. Important knowledges are produced in university, but they are clearly not only produced there. We have to find more and more ways of engaging them with each other, of strengthening that exchange of perspectives if we want to do justice to this complex reality that we call life. Yauda does this work, excellently, and I am grateful, to this very life, to have been, and to be part of it.” By Jule Hartnack, German political scientist


Yauda Foundation is a non-profit organization financed by different founding sources, but donations have a privileged place here. We receive donations in money or in kind. Donors may support general operation of the organization or decide to support a specific project.
If you are interested in being a permanent or sporadic donor, please email us to yaudaunal@gmail.com. We will reply with information on how to donate.


We are looking for national, as well as international partners from the public, as well as the private sector to start or carry on with research and community intervention projects in Amazonia and Orinoquia aimed at improving living standards, strenghtening of local peace, cultural revitalization, solidarity economy and environmental preservation.

Our biggest allies so far are the indigenous Cabildo of Puerto Refugio, a community from the Indigenous Reservation Predio Putumayo, the National University of Colombia, as well as the Association of Indigenous Cabildos from Puerto
Leguízamo and High Predio Putumayo (ACILAPP)


Given our great knowledge and field experience in Amazonia and Orinoquia, we offer consulting services related to planning and implementation of social intervention programs, as well as research projects involving communities from the aforementioned regions from a differential approach.


If you want to get more information regarding our work and ways to support us, please send us an email to yaudaunal@gmail.com